AmeriCorps Launch 2016


Selfies on Fleek at AmeriCorps Launch Day 2016



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On October 21, 2016, we celebrated our one millionth AmeriCorps member milestone. Members were sworn into service at Dillworth Plaza at City Hall. AmeriCorps cohorts including City Year, YouthBuild, College Possible, PowerCorps and of course the Digital Service Fellows came together to show the city of Philadelphia how much they care about giving back to the community.

The day kicked off with fun and exciting team building activities. The cohorts were mixed up and broken down into small groups where members from the Digital Service Fellows, Playworks, and City Year lead the activities at  the City Hall courtyard and Love Park. After about an hour or so of this, members marched to Dillworth Plaza, reconvened and recited a pledge where they dedicated themselves to a year of service through AmeriCorps. Each individual cohort had a chance to recite a cheer that embodied their work in Philadelphia. The AmeriCorps members were then treated to live music and lunch provided by Subway.

Once lunch wrapped up, Digital Service Fellows broke out into teams with other AmeriCorps members where they were deployed to different locations across the city to participate in a host of different service projects. Some of the Fellows  supported in the cleanup of the Germantown Ave corridor in North Philadelphia while other served at the High School fair that was located at the Pennslyvania Convention Center.

The purpose of the day, which was ultimately fulfilled, was to allow the City of Philadelphia to see the spectacular work that is done by AmeriCorps members. Also, it was important for these AmeriCorps members to see that they were not alone, but over one million strong, in their fight to change Philadelphia for the better.